How to Create and Use Section Breaks in Word

How to Create and Use Section Breaks in Word

If you’re trying to switch between landscape or portrait orientation or need to apply page borders to specific pages, try section breaks. Section breaks allow you to format each part of your document differently, as though it were a separate file.

Importance of Using Section Breaks

Section breaks help you manipulate the layout of a Word document exactly how you want. You can set different margins for specific pages or sections, customize the page numbers, and even change the headers on each page.

Where to Find Section Breaks

Word’s section breaks are within the Layout tab and Page Setup group.

Clicking the Breaks section expands the options you have available.

You’ll find options for “Next Page,” “Continuous, “Even Page,” and “Odd Page” section breaks.

Section breaks are under the Layout tab in Word

Decide What Type of Section Break to Apply

Use a Continuous section break if you want to apply different margins to sections of your page or apply columns to a specific section.

On the other hand, if you’re dividing your document so one page uses landscape orientation, while another uses portrait, a Next Page section break works best.

Try an even page or odd page section break if you want to format even or odd pages differently than the remainder of your document – perhaps with different types of page borders. In actuality, I rarely use this option.

Creating and Using Section Breaks

Place your cursor where you want the section break to begin.

Go to Layout > Page Setup and Breaks.

Select the type of section break you want to use.

If you’re working with page orientation, add a section break to the beginning of the orientation you want to apply, then add another to the end of that orientation to divide the page up.

Using section breaks when switching from portrait to landscape orientation

Once you’ve set your section breaks, place your cursor on the page or section that contains the specific section break. Apply the page orientation, margin or page border you wish to use within that portion of your document.


You’ll find that section breaks make it easier to work with your pages going forward. The more you use them, the easier they get. To create documents with section breaks already created for you, grab my Ultimate Word Template Kit and get a jump start on your layout now.

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