Import, Edit and Format Data Source in Word

Import, Edit and Format Data Source in Word

You can import, edit and format data sources from Access and other programs into Microsoft Word. The data source file may be imported into a new or existing Word document. Simply use the Insert Database command to customize the data source file and pick a table format you want to use. Your updated data source file will be saved in Word.


Add the Database to the Toolbar

  1. Open a new or existing document in Word 2007.
  2. Select the “Customize Quick Access Toolbar” and choose “More Commands.” The “Word Options” window appears.
  3. Select “All Commands” under “Choose commands from.”
  4. Select “Insert Database” from the commands list, choose “Add >>” and click “OK.”

Insert database into Word

Import and Format the Data Source in Word

Insert database command in Word

  1. Click the “Insert Database” command in the Quick Access Toolbar. The “Database” dialog box appears.
  2. Choose “Get Data” and select the data source you want to edit and click “Open.” If prompted, select the worksheet you want to edit in the “Select Table” dialog box and press “OK.”
  3. Click “Table AutoFormat” in the “Database” dialog box to format the table once it’s inserted into your page.
  4. Scroll through the table designs and select the one you want to use.
  5. Go to the “Formats to apply” section. Checkmark any formats you want to apply, such as borders, shading, font, color and auto fit.
  6. Go to the “Apply special formats to” section. Checkmark the options you want, such as heading rows, first color, row banding, last row, last column and column banding.
  7. Click “OK” to close the “Table AutoFormat” dialog box.
  8. Click “Insert Data” to insert the records into Word.
  9. Choose which records you’d like to import and choose whether or not you’d like to “Insert data as fields.

Format the database table you want to insert into Word

Edit the Data Source After You’ve Imported It Into Word

  1. Edit the data source by typing over any existing text you want to replace, then press the “Tab” key to advance to the next cell. To add a new record, place your cursor in the last cell and press the “Tab” key, then enter the new record you wish to add.
  2. Right-click any record you want to remove. Select “Delete cells” and “Delete Entire Row” from the pop-up list.
  3. Right-click any cell in the table to insert a new row. Select “Insert” and “Insert Rows Above” or “Insert” and “Insert Rows Below.”
  4. Click the “Save” command in the Quick Access Toolbar to update the data source file. A Word version of the file will be saved.

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